Competition Winners


Young Artist Competition

1st Place – Jeiran Hasan

2nd Place – David Le

3rd Place – Grace Wang

Collegiate Artist Competition

1st Place – Morgan Monty

2nd Place – Eva Skanse

3rd Place – Kathleen Law

Senior Artist Competition

1st Place – Tessa Vermeulen

2nd Place – Myra Cai

3rd Place – Cassie Lipton

Junior Artist Competition

1st Place Tie – Emme He and Rosemary Valmores

Masterclass Competition

Andrew Simmons
Sabrina Raber
Amelia Moore
Morgan Monty
Dayna Hagstedt


Young Artist Competition

First Place: Emily Roberts

Second Place: Bo Lee

Third Place: Miguel Hijar

Collegiate Artist Competition

First Place: Abby Easterling

Second Place: Vivian Lee

Third Place: Shannon Lotti

Senior Artist Competition

First Place: Jack Markowitz

Second Place: Meredith Gregory

Third: Deborah Thomas

Junior Artist Competition

First Place: Julia Benitez-Nelson

Second Place: Rachel Kwon

Masterclass Competition

Amelia Amaya

Lydia Carroll

Annie Castilla

Josie Cox

Jacob Farmer

Andrew Simmons, Alternate


Young Artist (masters, doctoral, graduates):
1. Brian Allred
2. Jennifer Gosack
3. Jeemini Lee

Collegiate Artist (undergraduate):
1. Alyssa Baranski
2. Seol Baek
3. Theresa Rose

Senior Artist (10th-12th grade):
1. Morgan Monty
2. Evy Beach
3. Mariah Tighe

Junior Artist (9th grade and below):
1. Blair Carrier
2. Savannah Vogelsong
3. Lauren Oh

Masterclass Participants:
Noah Cline
Janeen Hatt
Catherine Monczewski
Stacey Russell
Andrew Simmons



Young Artist (undergraduate through doctoral):
1. Mirim Lee
2. Korinne Smith
3. Jennifer Gosack

Senior Artist (11th and 12th grade):
2. Nicole Reed (no 1st or 3rd place awarded)

Clinic Artist (9th and 10th grade):
1. Dayna Hagstedt
2. Morgan Monty
3. Kirkland Moranos

Masterclass Participants:
Anna Hawkey
Aryana Misaghi
Catherine Monczewski
Korinne Smith
Emily Stumpf



Young Artist Competition:
1. Min Hee Kim 2. Dianne Kessel 3. Philip Snyder

Senior Artist Competition:
1. Mimi Harding 2. Eva Skanse 3. Grace Kim

Clinic Artist Competition:
1. Therese Mendoza 2. Sarah Hoover 3. Nicole Reed

Junior Artist Competition:
1. Sarah Margaret Gustafson 2. Michelle Pham



Junior Artist:
1. Kirkland Moranos 2. Morgan Monty 3. Sarah Gustafson

Clinic Artist:
1.Evy Beach 2. Megan Santilli 3. Sophia Castell

Senior Artist:
1. Luke Davis 2. Grace Kim 3. Corinne Veale

Young Artist:
1. Krisyn Son 2. Matthew Ross 3. Kenneth Cox



Junior Artist:
1.Evy Beach 2.Kirkland Moranos 3.Claire McLaurin

Clinic Artist:
1. Mimi Harding 2. Grace Law 3. Megan Santilli

Young Artist:
1. Mary Matthews 2. James Brinkman 3. Hae Ri Kim



Junior Artist:
(tie) Maggie Dong, Therese Mendoza

Clinic Artist:
Keith Howard

Senior Artist:
Alexis Washington

Young Artist:
1st place Marla Smith; 2nd place Isapel Lepanto Gleicher; 3rd place Blair Francis



Junior Artist
1st Place: Grace Law – Cario Middle School (SC)
2nd Place: Iris Chong – Jay M. Robinson Middle School (NC)
3rd Place: Maggie Dong – Victory Bible Elementary School (SC)

Clinic Artist
1st Place: Mary Lyle – Home School (NC)

Senior Artist
1st Place: Christen Sparago – The MacDuffie School (MA)
2nd Place: Madeleine Cooper – Charleston County School of the Arts (SC)
3rd Place: Kalle Davis – Spring Valley High School (SC)

Young Artist
1st Place: Lindsay Leach – Cincinnati College-Conservatory of Music (OH)
2nd Place (tie): Jennifer Gosack – Cincinnati College-Conservatory of Music (OH)
2nd Place (tie): Jessica Leeth – University of South Carolina

Orchestral Masterclass
Meghan Bennett – University of South Carolina
Blair Francis – University of South Carolina
Heather Nagy – University of Tennessee – Knoxville

Solo Repertoire Masterclass
Brittni Bailey – Florida State University
Meghan Bennett – University of South Carolina
Nave Graham – University of South Carolina



Young Artist Competition
1st Place: James Miller
2nd Place: Jessica Dixon
3rd Place: Wayla Chambo

Piccolo Artist Competition
Stephanie Melinyshyn

Senior Artist Competition
1st Place: Kenzie Rickman
2nd Place: Jessica Glover
3rd Place: Connie Petersen

Clinic Artist Competition
1st Place: Sarah Corpe
2nd Place: Feifei Deng
3rd Place: Kelly Jordan

Orchestral Excerpt Masterclass Competition
Meghan Bennett, Jessica Dixon, Nave Graham, and Amber Packard

Solo Repertoire Masterclass Competition
Jana McKay, Catherine Jones, Nave Graham, and Lydia Carroll

Piccolo Masterclass Competition
Meghan Bennett, Allison Davis, Victoria Panos



Fall Competition Winners

Junior Soloist
1st Place: Deborah Dahlhausen – Pickens
2nd Place: Natalie Lopez – Gold Hill Middle School
3rd Place: Feifei Deng – Dent Middle School

Clinic Soloist
1st Place: McKenzie Rickman – Spring Valley High School
2nd Place: Rachel Bradley – Houston County High School
3rd Place: Kalle Davis – Spring Valley High School

Senior Soloist
1st Place: Blair Francis – Ridge View High School
2nd Place: Becky Thompson – Spring Valley High School
3rd Place: Heather Gates – Clover High School

Guest Artist Masterclass
Angela Stockard – Bob Jones University
Lauren Reyes – Bob Jones University
Shannon Rickman – USC
Calhoun Truluck – New Jersey
Mitchell Yaksh – North Greenville University
Abigail Palpant – Bob Jones University
Lauren Remmers – USC

Spring Competition Winners

Collegiate Soloist 
Shannon Rickman – USC
Nave Graham – USC
Joanna Helms – USC
High School Masterclass
Valerie Hsu – Bob Jones Academy
Dottie Grantham – GA
Guest Artist Masterclass 
Maggie Stapleton – Furman
Daquise Montgomery – Peabody
Shannon Rickman – USC
Jennifer Davis – Middle Tennessee State University
Katie Cox – Furman
Meghan Bennett – USC
Lauren Remmers – USC