Dear flutists, generous friends, supportive parents, and lovers of music,

We would like very much for you to join us as a participating member of the South Carolina Flute Society. Our organization supports the love of music and the flute in South Carolina and throughout the region. We enrich the state’s musical environment through annual festivals, competitions, and performance opportunities, and we regularly host fantastic guest artists that inspire our musicianship! We also encourage a community amongst our membership with an e-newsletter containing articles both from members and other experts in various facets of flute playing, a website listing flute-related events held in the area, local seminars that bring our members together for performance and learning, and a private Facebook group for networking and discussion.

Our members and sponsors are essential in making our organization and its events possible. Further information can be found on our membership application above. Additional contributions are received with enormous appreciation and are listed on our website as well as in festival programs. The levels of contributing membership are:

  • Silver-plated: $10-49
  • Solid Silver: $50-100
  • 9k Gold: $100-149
  • 14k Gold: $150-499
  • Platinum: $500-999
  • The solid 18k gold instrument made by Louis Lot in 1873 that Rampal used on those fabulous recordings he made in the 1950’s: 1,000 and above.

We look forward to welcoming you into our community!

Stacey Russell
President, South Carolina Flute Society